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Osmac takes the hassle out of hiring & managing an apprentice

Why risk the hassle of long term contracts employing your own apprentices or trainees when we do that for you!

All of our costs are incorporated into the standard 38 hour week. Special industry allowances are not included! Overtime when worked is only charged at the apprentice or trainees wage rate plus a small admin fee. We also guarantee all of our apprentices and trainees 90% of their year level base wage if they have an accident or illness. (Conditions apply)

OSMAC is committed to hiring only quality apprentices and trainees and offers an effortless system to host employers. The only paperwork you are required to do is sign off on the apprentice or trainees timesheet each week and fill out an incident report if an incident occurs on your site. You will only be invoiced while the apprentice or trainee is actually working for you, provided you give them the opportunity to work a standard 38 hour week. If you do not have enough work you can return the apprentice/trainee with just 7 days notice!

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Our charge out rates include...

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Peace of mind

No long term contracts. If you need to return your apprentice for any reason we only require 7 days notice.

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Uniforms & Boots

We supply all uniforms and quality steel capped boots for the apprentice & labour hire employee each year.

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College fees & wages

We pay all wages while at college plus the college fees in advance, helping apprentices focus on their training rather than worrying about their next payment.

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Tools for their trade

We give apprentices a yearly tool allowance so they have the gear you need.

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Ongoing support

Our apprentice care managers will regularly visit you at your workplace to provide mentoring, support and to make sure your apprentice is progressing through their training modules.

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Workers compensation

OSMAC employees working on your site are covered under OSMAC’s workers compensation policy.

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realistic invoicing

You will only be invoiced while the apprentice or trainee is actually working for you (conditions apply). Wages at college, annual leave, public holidays, wet days and sick leave will be paid by OSMAC.

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Total care

The only paperwork you are required to do is sign off on the apprentice or trainees timesheet each week and fill out an incident report if an incident occurs on your site. We take care of everything else.

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Our team of apprentice care managers recruit only quality apprentices and trainees because we understand the costs involved with training new staff.

OSMAC is committed to supply only quality apprentices and trainees at the most competitive rates on the market.

Benefits of choosing OSMAC

Osmac will advertise the position, conduct 1st and 2nd interviews, short list suitable applicants and only deliver quality candidates who have the correct aptitude for your position to be finally interviewed by your business. We will then return at 3 weeks, 10 weeks and then every 3 months afterwards to assess how they are going on the job and to mentor them so you get the best possible results out of your apprentice or trainee. If you have any concerns at any stage, Osmac Apprentice Managers will visit to sort out the problem or remove the apprentice if you so request.

Osmac was started by Tradesmen to give the Host Employer a FAIR GO and help a lot more kids with the correct aptitude get an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Do your own sums to see how competitive we really are! Osmac does all of the paperwork and counselling freeing up your staff.

So there will be no concerns about your apprentice or trainee not being able to continue their training due to unpaid college fees. We also pay apprentice wages while they're at college too.

Osmac understands it takes time to train staff for each position and guarantee to never remove an apprentice or trainee while you are paying your account and training the apprentice/trainee correctly. The only exception to this rule will be if the Department of Employment and Training instructs Osmac to relocate the apprentice/trainee for training purposes.

You can hire an apprentice or trainee from as little as 1 day or up to 4 years through Osmac Group Training with our effortless system. We do all the paperwork so you can relax knowing your Osmac apprentice or trainee is progressing to their completion without you needing to worry about anything!

Osmac supplies apprentice’s tools, uniforms and steel capped boots for their trade each year.

Osmac offer short term placements (7 days notice required) while you have large contracts or when you find yourself short staffed for any reason. We have no lock in contracts and only require only 5 working days’ notice when you need to return the apprentice or trainee.


If you are interested in hosting a new apprentice or trainee, the first step is to call or email us below. One of our employer specialists will be able to present the best options and apprentices for your business.

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