Fitter & Turner

Engineering Mechanical Trade (Maintenance – Fitting &/or Turning)

Teenage Apprentice Operating Machinery In FactoryApprentices in pursuit of this type of work use a wide range of hand tools and specialist measuring equipment, work from detailed drawings and be expected to use machining equipment, lathes, gear cutting machinery, milling machinery, thread cutting machinery, tool cutting and grinding equipment, CNC & NC lathes, boring equipment, welding equipment, metal or ceramic spraying equipment, hydraulic presses and copying equipment, hydraulic test equipment and undertake the treatment of metals (oil baths, furnaces, gas or electric ovens etc).

Apprentices will normally work in an enclosed and well equipped workshop, but can occasionally work away from their normal workplace. They are generally involved in maintenance of plant and equipment, setting up machinery to enable the manufacture of engineering products, construction and commissioning work, design and manufacture of modifications to existing components parts and other items, repair and replacement of components, installation of plant and machinery, power station maintenance and the repair of shipping machinery (ie: winches, glands, drive shafts, turbines etc)

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