Engineering Fabrication Trade (Light Fabrication)

light-fabrication-sheetmetalThe apprentice in pursuit of this type of work will be involved in the manufacture, production and repair of a range of sheet metal products including hospital & catering equipment, refrigeration cabinets, ducts for air-conditioning, tanks, office furniture, vats and pipes using thin flat sheets of metal. The metal sheets are mainly zinc-covered steel, vinyl covered steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum and usually no more than 3mm thick as a general rule.

Apprentices will be required to use a range of hand tools and work form detailed drawings using specialist measuring equipment. They will also be trained in the use of guillotines, presses, rollers, pan brakes, material cutting machinery, electric and/or hand shears, sanding/polishing machinery, welding equipment (mig & tig), soldering & brazing equipment. Apprentices performing this type of work would work in an enclosed & well equipped workshop.

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